Monday, November 29, 2010

The IZ100 Project Begins 1 January 2011

It's time. Every day, every single day, I hear music in my head, from little phrases to full songs to operettas about Ada Lovelace. I've had enough of music rattling around in my head. It doesn't do any good in my head. Time to let the music out, where it can do some harm.

The idea is simple. Write and release 100 songs in a year. Post each one a day at a time. See if anyone likes it. (See if anyone notices.) That's one way to establish a body of work.

Realistically, I doubt I'll last the year. (Three months is more like it.) I can see myself burning out pretty quickly. In fact, my original impulse was to produce a song a day, but I've since come to my senses. But even if I only last a little bit, I'll still have a little something to share with the world. And realistically, I expect the quality to vary hugely. After a hundred days and maybe thirty songs, who knows what the music will sound like. I hope that it will show some change in character. Maybe it'll be awful, but it'll certainly go into strange areas.

I'll post some rules later. Preliminary rules: my songs will be at least 1 minute, 58 seconds long (the length of "The Letter" by The Four Tops). Each must be posted by midnight. I may use previous work that I've already recorded, but since there are only about 3 dozen songs under my belt so far, the supply won't last. And I may have a reprieve in the event of disaster ... such as a laptop dying, as is the case this week, or a death in the family, or the loss of a limb or both eyes.

No rest. No vacation. Crank out roughly two songs a week, come hell or high water. See what happens to creativity when that spigot is turned on permanently. For one year.

Some people use blogs to announce to the world how they're feeling, using pre-made emoticons from a selection list. Unimpressive. I'll announce my state of mind in original song.

Okay. I've got just a month and a day to get my laptop back from the shop. And then, let's see what happens.