Monday, January 17, 2011

Song #4: This Is the Sound

This Is the Sound (Rough Cut - Please Comment) by Ignatius Zoo

I came up with this one during a long car drive during Labor Day weekend in 2008, shortly after I'd started collaborating in Polyatomic. I'm not sure what inspired it. It has some stuff in common with Madonna's "Ray of Light," but the character is different: dirtier, rougher, ruder. Dirty, rough and rude is my approximation of dance pop.

Every now and then, it feels good to just cut loose and make a song with only two chords. And yet, this one took me forever to finish. I don't get it. I really do not get it.


This Is the Sound
©2011, Ignatius Zoo

Your eyes explode with tracks of moist mascara
Your lip is trembling like you're frozen through
What is it this time?
What is it this time, love?
What is it this time?
God knows, it's always about you.

This is the sound
This is the sound
This is the sound, this is the sound
Of teardrops hitting the ground
Your muffled sobs are music to me
Your muffled sobs are music to me
Your muffled sobs are music to me
Let's sing another bar.

Wherever you go
You're always center-center stage
With the spotlight shining
And the footlights blinding
And the audience sighing
Sending waves of applause

... Let's sing another song.

Whatever you do
It's a plot point in your private passion play
Where the heroine's bawling
And your foes appalling
And your friends are stalling
And Hollywood's calling
Begging for the movie rights.

... Let's all sing along.

Let's splash around
Let's splash around
In the puddles of your tears
There's puddles on the dance floor
There's puddles everywhere you turn around
Let's splash around
This is the sound.

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